Transcendent, Unchanging Truth

“It has been in vogue to say that today the important thing is not Christianity’s truth but its relevance. That is like saying to the sick that the important point is not the accuracy of the prescription, but taking the medicine. In determining which of the innumerable kinds of medicine to take, how much, and how often, nothing is more important than the accuracy of the doctor’s prescription. In the taking of the proper medicine in the proper amounts at the proper times, nothing is more important than faithfulness. If we choose between accurate information and fidelity, we do so to our own harm. Both are crucial for their respective purposes. One is not a good substitute for the other. Accurate information from reliable Scriptures concerning authentic spirituality and faithfulness to it are both necessary to a healthy spiritual life.”

“Truth the Criterion of Authentic Spiritual Experiences” via the Logos Bible Android app.

Lewis and Damerest, Integrative Theology, Vol. 1 Copyright 1987

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