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Extraordinary Kindness During Extraordinary Times

April 27, 2020

Below is a biblical view from the Apostle Paul during an extraordinary time in his life and the kindness he was able to find and share for God’s glory and his own good. This is a first-person view of the Apostle Luke’s record in Acts 28, imagined from the mind of Paul (as he would tell it). This was originally preached April 26th, 2020 during WBChurch’s online service.

In case you have not yet put a name with a face, my name is Paul. My life has been quite a journey. I was born and bread to be a pharisee through heritage and learning under the most renown pharisees in Jerusalem. I had my life all planned out. Standing there watching the heretic Stephen get stoned, I was sure God wanted me to put to rest once and for all, this heretical movement among the Jews, the people of which eventually